DIY Gold Dot Mug


my confetti dot mug

Lately, I’ve had visions of myself doing art projects in the morning, a pretty coffee mug in hand to keep the inspiration going. So when my friend, Rebekah, invited me over for a craft session, I knew exactly what project I wanted to make. A gold confetti dot mug!

• White mug (the one I used is from the Threshold series at Target)
• Gold glass paint or oil-based gold Sharpie pen (mine is Martha Stewart Crafts glass paint)
• pencil with an unused eraser
• paint palette (or just a paper plate)
• tiny paint brush for touch-ups

I chose random, confetti-style dots for my mug, but you could place them more evenly depending on your preference. For a Kate Spade style variation, you can use a round sponge brush like Andrea did over on Worley House blog.  Squeeze a quarter-size amount of paint onto your palette. When you dip your pencil eraser in the paint, you want to make sure to get enough paint on it and then press lightly when you dot it onto the mug. It helps a lot to practice on wax paper beforehand because the surface is similar to the glazed ceramic.

Starting  along the bottom edge mug, continue making dots, randomly spaced and gradually getting more far apart as you work your way upward. Personally, I didn’t want to put the paint close to the edge since I’ll be drinking off of it, so I chose to stop the dots about an inch before the top of the mug. If the paint turned out lumpy, I lightly smoothed it with a little paintbrush. A word of advice – I messed up some dots by being a perfectionist and using the brush too much, which got air into the paint, so the less you mess with it, the better.

When you are finished painting, place the mugs in a cool oven and then turn on the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You want the mugs to heat up along with the oven in order for the paint to cure properly. Set your timer for 30 minutes, and then after 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let the mugs cool down in the oven. It is recommended to wait 72 hours before using them.

This is a really fun project and you could even do it with two colors of paint (I want to try it with hot pink and gold). I hope you are as happy with your mug as I am with mine! Let me know if you learn any other tips along the way. If you want to purchase a mug instead of do-it-yourself, you could always go to the shop where I got my Pin-spiration image. You can find the lovely, hand-made mugs here, at Luna Lighting.


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