Before and After: Emerald Green Dresser

My hubby found this dresser for 25 dollars at Value Village.  I love the sixties feel of it, plus the drawers are already lined with gorgeous retro paper. Since I have followed for over a year, it seemed ridiculous that I had never tried painting a piece of furniture. I read a couple of their posts about it and then went to Home Depot and got a sanding sponge and Behr paint and primer in one.

I have to say that using the sanding sponge to get the whole piece prepped was a laborious process. I would like to invest in an orbital sander, but we just don’t have the space. Next, it was on to the painting, but I forgot one vital item – painter’s tape! I didn’t buy it and was impatient to get started so the edges of the inside of the dresser are covered in drips. Thankfully, these aren’t visible at all, but I will definitely tape things off in the future.

It took three coats, and several painting sessions, to transform the dresser, but the result is so vibrant that it was well worth it. My favorite part was finding the rose knobs to go on the top dresser for only 4 dollars each at World Market.


Saying Goodbye to Summer

Last weekend was hot (for Seattle) and sunny and wonderful. I tried to enjoy every bit of it, knowing the end of the good weather was coming. Hubby and I went shopping, went for a swim, and walked along the Kirkland waterfront.

The last sunny days would not be properly celebrated without an iced coffee in there somewhere. I normally always get a hot latte, no matter the season, but an iced Cocoa Cappuccino from Starbucks really hit the spot and was a great way to say goodbye to summer.


I got these Seychelles sandals my junior year of college and haven’t tired of them yet. They were under another pair of shoes in my closet and I found them the other day. It was almost like wearing a new pair of shoes. I had forgotten how much I like them and how cheery they are.

Unbeknownst to him, my hubby was in keeping with the yellow theme when he brought me yellow roses a few days after I wore the sandals.

So yellow is my whimsy for the week.

Yellow roses